Our mission is to provide alternative eco solutions, and create apparel for people with an enthusiasm for the outdoors.

What does that mean? Everarbor is an outdoor lifestyle company.  It is a combination of the experiences, passions, visions, and skills of the owner, Derek Skapes and the company staff.  Everarbor consists of many friends and volunteers who uphold the goal of encouraging people to truly “step outside”.

It all began with one guy who loved being in the outdoors. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Derek Skapes spent time living (in a forest service cabin in a national forest), backpacking and working in the Pacific Northwest.  Venturing south, he also spent time in Southern California experiencing their beach/surfing lifestyle as he traveled the coastline.

Literally and figuratively returning to his roots, Derek set about getting a company started that would embrace these lifestyle ideals and encourage it in others.

Well crafted apparel and designs were always a fun daydream, but it wasn’t until Derek started handing out business cards featuring the artwork and designs of best friend, Anthony Zart, where the idea of a clothing line actually came to life.  Every time a customer would be handed a card or look at the website, people would remark that we reminded them of a clothing company from the Pacific Northwest. Soon, the idea of adding an apparel line to The Everarbor Company rapidly became a reality.

Cleveland has beaches, wildlife, biodiversity, diverse weather/seasons, great places to hike, and excellent recreational opportunities.  Why not have outdoor apparel offered for people to wear when taking advantage of all of these things?  Everarbor’s goal is to influence people to get outside and experience what Cleveland has to offer. With the influences of the West Coast, Pacific Northwest, and Ohio lifestyle, we are able to offer services and apparel appealing to anyone, anywhere. In short, we have something for everyone.

By combining all of our life experiences and passions together at Everarbor, we are growing a business focused on sustainability, lifestyle, conservation and above all, appreciation for the outdoors.

EVERARBOR. Inspired by the outdoors.  Appreciate the Elements. Step Outside

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