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Stay warm with Everarbor’s first ever portable fire pit!

Weighing just 2.5lbs, Everburner can hold weights up to 170 lbs. It’s made of 20 gauge stainless steel to accommodate the weight of pots, pans and even cast iron. Its versatility allows for heating coffee, cooking in a pan, or directly on top of the grate. Everburner is made to be portable. At about an inch and a half thick while folded up, its compact design makes for easy packing, quick set up, and quick tear down. Being one piece, no tools or accessories are needed to set up/tear down. Air flows easily underneath the supporting legs while the opening on the side allows for an easy way to feed the fire. 

Everburner and the case are sourced, made, cut, and assembled in Northeast Ohio.

Dimensions & Materials

Weight – 2.5lbs
Material – 20 gauge stainless steel
Length – 6.88 inches
Width – 6.81 inches
Height – 7.69 inches

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